A Trip to the Zoo.com is the dream of C S Wurzberger, our Founder /CEO.


C S feeding Walter the Wallaby

It all started when she was 7 years old and her parents took her to the Catskill Game Farm, formally located in upstate New York. She was so excited to be at the zoo, as a young child she was enthralled with animals and spent most of her waking moments reading and exploring the animal world. While at the Catskill Game Farm, she spent her time running from animal exhibit to exhibit; gazing at each animal with amazement, reading every sign and trying so hard to memorize each and every fact.

Then suddenly she saw this lady behind the bear cage. She asked her mom, who was that? Her mom answered that lady with the big key chain, was a zoo keeper. She’s in charge of feeding and caring for the animals.  As C S watched further, the lady unlocked the cage and dropped in the bear’s food. Wow, at that exact moment, C S knew she wanted to be the person with all THE KEYS TO THE ZOO when she grew up.

Before that dream came to life . . . C S worked with her father and managed their Country Store in Wilmington, VT, was the owner of a Llama touring company called “Llunch with a Llama”, owner of a tack shop selling equestrian supplies, and then she traveled Northern New England as a sales representative in the gift and toy industry.

Then C S, her 7 year old daughter, 4 horses, 2 llamas, 2 cats, 2 bunnies, and 2 dogs packed up and move to Portland, Maine to become the director of a 150 acre, 300 animal, USDA licensed petting zoo, where she created, implemented and marketed  all of the educational programs.

After the owner of the petting zoo retired and closed the zoo, C S went back to school to study web design and Internet marketing. She started a company called Premiere Web Services, now 10 years old and re named New Media Marketing Power. C S and her team have assisted hundreds of folks from around the world build and market profitable, successful web site that rank high in the search engines.

One of C S’s passions is teaching and sharing information. And she is an in-demand web educator. C S  shares her real-world expertise with a variety of business organizations devoted to small-business success, including SCORE®  Counselors to America’s Businesses, several professional organizations including Center for Women and Enterprise, Boston, national gift shows across the country, including the National Stationery show, NYC, Boston Gift Show, Halloween & Costume show, Chicago, Transworld exhibit’s Variety and Gift Show and educational institutions such as Simmons school of Management, Boston and MBA instructor for Interise, Boston.

Even with her love and devotion of teaching and marketing businesses, something was missing. Her soul was missing the animal world. Deep down she really wanted her life to stand for more, she wanted to make a difference in the world. Her soul wanted to connect people with animals from around the world.


Hence . . . THE DREAM . . . a Trip to the Zoo.com is born.


With passion and purpose, we connect people who love animals with great zoos, aquariums and conservation centers from around the world. As part of our mission, we lend a helping pay by giving back 20% of our gross profits to rescue and conservation centers.

C S’s daughter is now grown, married with twin 3 year old boys and C S lives in Brattleboro, VT.  Here you will find her hiking the mountains, kayaking, horseback riding and anything else that involves nature and the outdoors. Plus, you’ll find her traveling the country, visiting zoos and writing her Blog.

Jennifer the Chimp

Giving Back

As part of our mission. . . We lend a helping paw by giving back 20% of our gross profits to rescue and conservation centers.   Join us in giving back. . .   Save the Chimps is an organization with an extraordinary mission – to provide permanent sanctuary and lifelong care to nearly 300 …

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